Khronic ™ is a revolutionary app that connects the cannabis industry, marijuana community, and machine learning together to transform the way you interact with cannabis. Khronic AI offers a suite of professionally developed tools that allow you to analyze your cannabis flowers to determine the lineage of a strain and the effects felt all with the press of a button on your mobile phone.

Hope for the Best, Plan for Perfection

It's imperative to know what type of cannabis you’re consuming because each type will leave you with profoundly different effects. Sativa is known for its heady-rush, indica for its sedative properties, and hybrids for its combination of both. But how can you tell them apart and truly understand what it is?

Let’s Get Started

Khronic AI Analyzer is the only app you need. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the cannabis scene or if you’re a stone-cold cannabis veteran Khronic AI Analyzer has it all. Beginners will appreciate the help in determining the effects of their cannabis flowers, while more experience marijuana connoisseurs can benefit from its ability to determine a flower’s overall quality. By using the Khronic AI Analyzer, you’ll never wonder what’s in your cannabis.

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